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America’s Closets are Turning Green!

Earth Day Refashion

Concern for the environment crosses boundaries of politics, religion, race, and economics, engaging us all in the effort to preserve the natural world, now and for future generations. April 22nd is Earth Day, and through smart wardrobe management, you can cut down on closet clutter, support clean industry, and look fabulous. 

We’ve been throwing away a lot of clothes that could provide a sustainable resource for the fashion industry. That’s problematic not least because nylon fabrics take around 30-40 years to decompose, while wool emits methane as it decomposes, a key contributor to greenhouse gases.

Cue swapping, an environmentally conscious genre in fashion that reintroduces unwanted garments back into the fashion market. Accoutre your closets with a plan and make a positive environmental and social impact while you do.  You’re part of the movement that chooses to live responsibly and celebrate Mother Earth when you swap or shop with ClosetDash.   

..oh, and just a reminder, every day is actually Earth Day! :D

batman and robin love earthday 2014!